Food, Glorious Food!

I try not to get too focused on one kind of photography. Often no need to – the same principles of lighting, focus, preparation, composition, etc often apply across categories. But where there are differences and specialisms I think what you learn taking close up photos of insects will not do any harm to your ability to take portraits, and the challenges you face photographing sports can only help produce better street photography. Whatever you photograph you add to your amassed experience and range of inspiration, which is possibly the photographer’s most valuable asset.

As such I was very keen to do some food photography for Eat Etc, a social enterprise coffee shop run by Oasis NI in East Belfast. I had done some photos for them before, which still hang in their window, but they needed some more to reflect their updated product range – some of which you can see below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All looks pretty tasty to me! The other thing I like about this sort of work is that it allows cost-conscious small businesses to have something comparable to professional marketing materials, but at a price point that is accessible. Where there are social enterprises like Eat Etc  investing profits into the local community, promoting Fairtrade and other socially responsible initiatives, it’s all the more satisfying to help them sell their goods in a world dominated by the big boys. So if you’re ever on the Belmont Road drop in for a coffee and a bun. You’ll be helping a good cause and you might just see some of these photos again too.


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